In July, my best friend passed away in a horrific and tragic accident. (It's still really hard to say those words.)

Colleen was an amazing human being and friend. She would literally do anything for you in any way she possibly could. She was passionate and she loved hard. Deep down, her soul just sparkled, and we all knew it.

Colleen always pushed me to think outside the box and to put myself out there. She assured me to keep trying even when I didn't think I had any more left in me, and for that, I am forever grateful.

She was one of the most thoughtful people I knew. She would send you a card or buy you a gift simply because it reminded her of you or because she knew you were having a tough time or because something needed to be celebrated. (She loved celebrating, y'all.)

I have been thinking of how I would personally like to honor her and keep spreading her sparkle and it only seemed fitting that it would be a greeting card. So, I have come up with a series of cards for my constant sparkle, my friend, Colleen. Some to cheer you up, some to celebrate you, and some to push you a little more. I do hope you love them. I know she would.

#SpreadTheSparkle, friends. Life is too short to do anything but shine.