Hello from Orlando!

I’m Elizabeth, designer, painter, and owner at Bright Light Paper, a company all about bringing smiles and spreading love and light to anyone and everyone. I started Bright Light Paper in 2012 and it was named after my awesome Grandma, who actually used to make her own little cards! Hers had chickens on them, made out of pen and ribbon. :) As a creative, there are tons of different ways I express myself but most of the time, I find the best way is by drawing or writing. And what better way to do both of those than to combine them into a unique, hand-painted greeting card!

All the color in Bright Light Paper cards are hand-painted with watercolor and designed in-house.

If you have questions or comments, please contact me at brightlightpaper {at} gmail {dot} com or follow me for updates on new cards, promotions, & anything else I might be up to these days! (Which is probably just eating delicious food.)